Optical quality sapphires

Sapphire windows are primarily designed for optical applications in which image quality and birefringence effects are essential. Classical applications include:

Imaging Optics
Polarization sensitive optics
Short wavelength (UV) optics
Focusing optics & reticles
Refractometer windows



C-axis sapphire windows

Sapphire windows are the usual choice for many optical, mechanical and electronic applications. Their high transmissions IR & UV, strength, chemical inertness, durability, and temperature stability, make them perfect for use in high volume production applications such as:

  • High intensity UV lamps
  • Endoscopic components
  • Medical & industrial gas analysis
  • Furnace view ports
  • UV, Visible & IR windows and cover slides
  • Pressure & Detection cells
  • Bar code readers
  • Photodiodes


Laser Quality Sapphires

Sapphires are used in critical optical and laser applications. Flatness and surfaces are optimized to provide minimal quantity of errors and distortions in the transmitted wave front. Typical applications include:

  • Laser Mirrors
  • Laser Beam Splitters
  • Laser Output Couplers
  • Imaging optics
  • Optical Flats


HIC & Co.'s flagship product 500x330x40-60mm monocrystal sapphire substrate

Thanks to the unique abilities of our custom made growth furnaces we are able to achieve sizes never before seen without limitations to quality and orientation. Large sizes allow our clients to extend the uses of sapphire crystals in fields where the possibilities existed but due to absence of such sizes, it was not possible. HIC & Co. gives the possibility to explore new designs and potential uses for sapphires.