HIC & Co

HIC & CO offers you the highest quality crystals of any sizes present in the market and more. Thanks to our unique technology we offer you a wide range of monocrystals of the highest quality and best sizes.

We are in partner relationship with the leading experts and universities of the world guaranteeing that the products we offer are state of the art and in line with market requirements. HIC & CO is specialized in the growth of various large sized (210x350x45-60 mm3) and high-optical-homogeneity laser, optical crystals and semi-conductor single crystals.
Our products are suitable for a broad range of applications, from Solid Lasers and precision optics to semiconductors, High-Brightness LEDs and elements used in photovoltaic industry. Our products include a wide range of single crystals: Sapphire,YAG, Er:YAG, Yb:YAG, Si and a few others according to specific requests. HIC & CO is specialized in horizontally directed crystal growth known as the (HDC) method, also known as Bagdasarov's method. This method allows grow of extremely high quality large monocrystal slabs of optical quality. This method was designed in order to grow large-size, highly-uniform, YAG laser crystals. This is also highly applicable for the growth of Er:YAG laser elements.
With the help of the Bagdasarov method, synthesis of large and especially large plate form refractory leucosapphire single crystals was also becoming possible.
HIC & Co has also established a R&D facility at Benesov nad Cernou for receiving effective low-energy and enviromentally friendly production of pure silicon.

Sapphire crystals: HIC & CO’s technique provides perfect optical sapphire crystals (chemical purity 99,995%, defects-free and with any orientation). These crystals can then be cut and grinded in the form of slabs, rods, large windows and prisms. These crystals have excellent transparency over wide spectrum (from UV to IR) and precise orientation of your choice.